Week 7 — To Do

For our last week:

On Class Blog

Your 3rd Blog Recommendation is to be posted as a comment by this Sunday at 12 noon.

On your Blog

–4 or more Posts  (bringing us to 19+ Posts on your blog for the term)

–4 or more Comments on class blogs (2 on your small groups and 2 on a class blog)

Your final portfolios are due Friday, Feb 17, at midnight.  Check out the Portfolio page for details.



Blog Recommendation 3 (now due Sunday at 12 noon)

For this 3rd Blog Recommendation, I would like you to recommend a blog to our class — that is  outside your topic area.   You can go back and explore the blog lists from your earlier blog recommendation at the nytimes, npr, Time’s best of,   — or you can search and find a blog you like on your own.  The goal is to explore and find a new-to-you blog (outside your blog’s specific topic area) — and discuss why it appeals to you — and why others in our class should check it out.    Use some of the same strategies we have used in our Blog Evaluations to assess and “pitch” the blog to your classmates.  Consider all aspects of the blog from the writing, visuals, blog features and whatever you find valuable.  Part of the goal in your recommendation is to “recommend” it to classmates, so be clear as to why we  would find it worthwhile to check out the blog.

A second part of our work for this 3rd  Blog Recommendation, will be to actually go and visit some of your classmates choices and comment on their recommendation with your reaction to the blog.

Please post your 3rd Blog recommendation by this Sunday, Feb 12, at 12 noon, so that we can begin exploring some of your choices.

yes, I did it again… re: Blog Recommendation 3

As you may have noticed, I have yet to post details on what you are to do for your 3rd Blog Recommendation.  These will not be due tonight, as I wrote earlier, but I will post info and we will discuss the goal of these recommendations in class on Thursday.

Here’s a link to a reading on Blogs vs Term Papers from a recent NYTimes article that has dusted up a bit of storm about blogs in the college classroom and that I hope we get to discuss.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Happy posting and commenting, and see you soon.

Week 6 – To Do

Here’s our Week 6 To Do List

On your blogs

4+ new Posts (up to 15 or more total by Thursday)

4+ Comments (2 on small group’s blogs, 2 on class blogs) Good comments put in practice; try to engage the blogger/post and elicit a response.

2+ Replies (to a comment on your blog or to another comments.

On the Class Blog

3rd Blog Evaluation of Have Fork, Will Eat (due Sunday, Feb 5, by 4pm)  Instructions in earlier post..

3rd Blog Recommendation (due Wed. Feb 8 by midnight)  Details in upcoming post…

Blog Talks

This week’s Blog Tours by Scott, Lindsay, Natalie, Katie G., and Jeff

Blog Evaluation 3 (comment due Sunday by 4pm)

For our 3rd Blog Evaluation, we are coming back to Lauren’s blog  Have Fork, Will Eat.  Same instructions as our previous Blog Evaluations–but in this post focus your evaluation on some of the “Blog Features” that Lauren chooses to use in her blog.  Read posts and comments to posts, try some of her widgets, and explore her blog as an advanced wordpress example.  For some the topic will be close to your own; for others, her topic will be more distant.  I don’t want to as much focus on her blog topic, but how she is using the blog, its look, layout, structure, and its blog features to engage her audience.  What can we observe and learn about her rhetorical choices?

Comments for these Blog Evaluations are to be “several good paragraphs,” say 300+ words.  You can also engage other comments that are posted.  Your Blog Evaluations will become part of your final portfolios.  Please post your comment by Sunday, Feb. 5, at 4pm.


Blog Talks / Tours

Here is the schedule for our upcoming Blog Talks:

Feb 2:  Ebony, Erika, Ashley, Amy, Emily

Feb 9:  Scott, Lindsay, Natalie, Katie G, Jeff

Feb 16:  Katie M, Emma, Allen, –and Stephanie, Danny

For these Blog Talks/Tours, we will use a kind of workshop format.  That is, as you present and introduce your blog — the class will comment, ask questions, answer your concerns — so that these Blog Talk/Tours will be constructive in nature, a chance to look at some of the choices you have made Continue reading

Blog Recommendation — (due by Monday at 10pm)


Please write a comment to this post that recommends a blog –to the class– that is on a similar topic to your blog.  I have included a few blog lists below to choose from.  You will see they come from a variety of sources –NPR and NYTimes Blogs, a Times Best of Blogs for 2011 — and Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs –which is updated daily and a source for many other blogs.  Please scan through the lists–visit several blogs– and choose one to recommend to the class.  Evaluate as we have been — considering the look, layout, posts, writing, frequency, audience,  — but also pay special attention to what we will be calling “Blog Features — the use of widgets, banners, Pages, categories, post showcases, lists, calendars, clouds– whatever you notice and find valuable and worth sharing.  We will be paying special attention to the “Blog Features” as we workshop our blogs and share more strategies.

Also, you will note that many of these blogs are “professionalized” in ways that may have changed them–or influenced how they “look” and what they do and how they use “Blog Features” to appeal to, attract, and engage viewers.  Partially we are exploring different kinds of blogs in your topic area to see what works — and what doesn’t — and what we might bring into our blogs.

Here are the lists:

NYTimes Blog directory

NPR Blog directory

TIME’s Best of the Blogs 2011

Technorati’s Top 100 Blog list

I think it is a good idea to visit each list —  if only to scan the variety of categories and topics these blogs cover to see what’s out there.  You might be surprised. Maybe a few other blogs even catch your attention…

Let’s aim for 200+ words.

Please add your recommendation as a comment to this post by 10 pm Monday, Jan 30. 

Week 5 — To Do

For week 5, we have a few things to do:

On Your Blogs

4 New Blog posts (bringing us up to 11 total posts)

4 Comments on blogs (2 on your small group’s, and 2 on a class blog)

2 Replies to comments (to one of your own or to another’s comment.

Reading link

“Math is Hard” by Chris Jones – a good read on audience issues

On Class Blog

1 more Blog Evaluation (our 3rd).  Details in upcoming Blog post — same instructions, to  post in the comments to my post.  The topic for this BE will be to explore some of the blog “features” –its use of widgets, pictures, pages, links, polls, clouds, categories–anything that the blog uses — to engage its audience.  More soon.

1 Blog Recommendation — again this work will be explained in more detail in upcoming post –in which you present a Blog you like — that is on a similar topic/theme  as your Blog — and to explain why you like and admire it in some detail–and with some eye to how the blog looks/ works / and appeals to you — and what blog “features” it uses to engage readers.

Blog Talks/Tours

schedule and more info to follow.

Let me know if you have questions.  Have a great weekend and happy posting!